Stinktown Dramatic Feature

Inspired by her hero, Diane Arbus, 18 year-old Stevie unleashes her criticisms through her camera, taking pictures that her mother deems as "dark and hormonally-driven." Terrified that she is destined to spend the rest of her life in the small town of Rainy Rock, Stevie becomes obsessed with documenting the seemingly ordinariness of the people around her. With the town facing new layoffs at the local pulp and paper mill and an RCMP kiddie porn investigation that has people clearing their Google search histories at record speeds, Stevie's mother, an NDP politician, begins a crusade to re-vamp community morale, one garage sale at a time. Life stinks – literally, as Stevie's neighbourhood becomes shrouded in a putrid stench that can only be attributed to the mill. Unexpectedly, Stevie's photography obsession leads her into an unusual friendship with her neighbour's son, Mark, a mysteriously captivating, thirty-five year old who regularly visits his aging father. Their exchanges stir a deep awakening within Stevie, causing her to question all that she believes to be true.

Inspired by such films as Todd Solondz's Happiness and Andrea Arnold's Fish Tank, this quirky story, set in Northern Ontario, embraces the paradoxes of day to day, small town reality, illuminating the lives of people who, despite their best efforts, are anything but ordinary.

Feature Film – Independent Dramatic
Written & Directed by: Michelle Latimer