Medicine Walk Dramatic Feature

Adapted from the late celebrated author of INDIAN HORSE, Richard Wagamese's final novel, MEDICINE WALK, tells the universal story of a father/son struggle in a fresh, utterly memorable way, set in dramatic landscape of the BC Interior. Franklin Starlight is called to visit his father, Eldon. He's 16 years old and has had the most fleeting of relationships with the man. The rare moments they've shared haunt and trouble Frank, but he answers the call, a son's duty to a father. He finds Eldon decimated after years of drinking, dying of liver failure. Eldon asks his son to take him into the mountains, so he may be buried in the traditional Ojibway manner.

Directed by Michelle Latimer
Written by Michelle Latimer & Penny Gummerson
Produced by Miranda de Pencier
Northwood Entertainment & The Downey Foundation